Our Story
Dating back to the beginning of the second decade of the second millennium, Marmelant SL was created as a small organization for the development of chemical formulas for the production of traditional medicines and cosmetics.

Initially, the company supplied the main national companies, namely clinical and hospital centers, but realizing the market opportunity and the highly positive and impactful feedback it was receiving in a highly competitive territory, it soon changed its focus to the manufactureof products and equipment for professional aesthetic medicine and dermatology.

SKINDERMA, as the mother and official brand of Marmelant SL, is today one of the leading companies in aesthetics, professional beauty and Pivot Point, of licensed beauty schools and academies, all over the world.

The company provides complete solutions for the entire professional, hospital, clinic, salon and spa aesthetics market. We also provide full support with consulting, training and marketing support.

SKINDERMA Medical Cosmetics is one of the Spanish pioneers in the medical aesthetics and cosmetics industry. We are the experts and visionaries in this field. Our team has a vast, professional experience, with the best and most extensive knowledge in this field of business, which has allowed us to grow based on the satisfaction of our partners and on obtaining the most effective and efficient results. Our product and service portfolio provides a distinctive added value while meeting the actual needs and unique preferences of our consumers.

Offering cutting-edge, efficient, and all-encompassing solutions, from product creation to production, consulting, training, and marketing, is our main objective and goal. Our knowledge, combined with the experience gained from several of national and international projects, makes us a valuable partner for our clients. Our experts assist our clients in every facet of the business, bringing their expertise and zeal to every stage until the mutual objective is reached.

We have a strong commitment to creating world-class medical cosmetics products that inspire both our partners and their clients.
Our organization is well known for its ambitious research & development activities, cutting-edge production technologies, and commitment to innovation as a fervent innovator and technological leader.
Our experience staff possesses exceptional social and professional skills. They are vital to the success of our business since they are highly motivated and results oriented. We do also highlight our corporate responsibility by putting the sustainability principle at the core of our
business strategy and operations. We are expanding in our key areas through both organic growth and carefully chosen acquisitions.

Professionalism and Commitment
Our motivation comes from our desire for perfection.
To consistently improve our performance for our customers, we continually set new standards with our great professionalism and commitment.
We give each of our employees the chance to develop their skills and abilities. For us, motivation and corporate identification are necessary conditions for shared success.

When it comes to our business, the requirements, expectations, and wellbeing of our clients come first. We are committed to continually delivering exceptional quality across the board as well as a methodical focus on professional devotion and service.

Take Responsibility
Real power comes when everyone understands their responsibility. Our success is also determined by proactive and interagency accountability. This is the task of everyone in SKINDERMA.

Respect and Appreciation
Mutual respect and personal appreciation serve as the
cornerstones of our collaboration with clients, partners, and staff. Sincerity and honesty are the foundation of our communication culture, which fosters a culture of trust.


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