Facial Expression and Dermatological Care: A Journey with SKINDERMA

Facial Expression and Dermatological Care: A Journey with SKINDERMA


The facial expressions we cultivate throughout our lives tell our unique story, leaving their marks on the delicate tissue of our skin. Every day, our faces engage an intricate ballet of a series of facial muscles, registering smiles, surprises, and even the subtlest nuances of our emotions. Over the years, the skin becomes the link between what we experience and who we are internally.


What are Expression Marks?

Expression marks, or dynamic wrinkles, are the result of repetitive contraction of facial muscles. This constant dance, which begins to manifest itself, especially between the ages of 22 and 28, is accelerated by the decline in the production of collagen and elastin. Areas such as the forehead, the space between the eyebrows and crow’s feet are particularly prone to these marks.


Influencing Factors Beyond Facial Expressions:

Genetics plays a crucial role in hydration, collagen and elastin levels, shaping individual predisposition to skin aging. Stress, with its hormonal imbalances, raises cortisol levels, triggering the degradation of these essential fibers and slowing cell regeneration. The diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, contrasts with the harmful effects of a diet high in fats and sugars, which accelerates aging.


Sun exposure, the skin’s primary enemy, triggers cellular damage, precipitating the degradation of collagen and elastin. Therefore, prevention is essential, and SKINDERMA stands out by offering a complete line of dermatological products that address each of these concerns.


Smart Prevention with SKINDERMA:

To prevent the early appearance of fine lines, it is crucial to take a comprehensive approach. The daily application of a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 50+ is a fundamental step, forming a barrier against UVB-UVA rays. The Moisturizing Solutions line, enriched with hyaluronic acid, provides essential hydration, preserving water in the stratum corneum.


Actively Combating Expression Marks:

In addition to daily care, SKINDERMA offers specialized solutions. The Peptides Solutions range, rich in effective and powerful active ingredients, not only prevents, but also revitalizes, providing powerful antioxidant action against external aggressions.


For deeper wrinkles and rough skin, the Professional line, with different uses of hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients, stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin, providing visible results.


Professional Options with SKINDERMA:

In addition to home care, SKINDERMA offers professional procedures tailored to each individual’s needs. COMBO anti-aging solutions not only soften the skin, but act epigenetically, combating aging at its origin and stimulating regenerative activity.


Procedures such as facial peelings, non-evasive mesotherapy and microneedling provide immediate solutions within the scope of aesthetic medicine, enhancing the natural beauty and restoring the skin’s vitality.


At SKINDERMA, we not only embrace the expressions that bring your face to life, but we also offer specialized dermatological care to preserve the health and beauty of your skin, providing a unique journey of aesthetic care.  

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