✨Discover the Effectiveness of Laureth-9✨ Professional Innovation in Dermatological Care from SKINDERMA

It is with great enthusiasm that we present Laureth-9, a revolution in professional dermatological care, specially developed for the treatment of varicose veins and skin rays.

Enhanced Microcirculation:

Laureth-9 acts on blood microcirculation, providing a notable improvement in peripheral circulation. This action contributes to the reduction of varicose veins, minimizing their appearance and promoting more uniform skin.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties:
With distinct anti-inflammatory properties, Laureth-9 soothes irritation associated with skin rays, reducing redness and providing effective relief.

Stimulation of Skin Regeneration:
This advanced product stimulates cell regeneration, promoting the recovery of skin elasticity around varicose veins. The results are visible not only in terms of reducing dilated blood vessels, but also in improving skin texture.

Intense Hydration:
Laureth-9 not only treats but also deeply nourishes the skin. Its formula provides intense hydration, essential for the health and vitality of the dermis affected by varicose veins.

Discover the depth of action of Laureth-9, the professional solution that raises standards in dermatological care. We are committed to providing you with healthy, radiant skin free from the concerns associated with varicose veins and skin rays.

We are the Future of Medical Cosmetics!

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